Call for Proposals: Copy-editing Services

Abr 20, 2023

A.  Introduction

Principes pour la Paix (P4P) is seeking a consultant or company to provide standby copy-editing services. This Terms of Reference outlines the key elements and expectations for the service.

B. Background to the Principles for Peace

The Principles for Peace Foundation acts as a catalyst, custodian, and curator of the Principles for Peace and Peacemaking Covenant. It promotes the uptake and implementation of the Principles and serves as a synergist of partnerships to engage a diversity of actors to develop country, constituency, and thematic specific road-maps and codes of practice. The Foundation’s goal is to empower actors at all levels to create more durable and inclusive peace processes and enhance oversight and effectiveness for long-term peace outcomes.

The Foundation employs a rigorous and transparent monitoring approach to assess peace actors’ contributions, encouraging constructive input to advance peacemaking efforts. It seeks to build upon evidence-based, politically conscious, and participatory approaches and alliances established in the initiative’s initial phase, to foster global, regional, and local peacebuilding efforts. The Foundation operates independently to ensure consistency and effectiveness in peacemaking efforts, with no direct operational role.

C. Scope of Work and Deliverables

The work of the Principles for Peace Foundation is carried out through three interconnected and mutually reinforcing functions: Monitoring & Measurement, From Policy to Practice, and Advocacy & Alliance Building.

The copy editor will provide services to support the publication activities of P4P. The copy editor will work closely with the P4P team to create high-quality publications that communicate the organisation’s message effectively.

Specifically, the copy editor is expected to deliver the following:

  1. Setup an in-house style guide for publications.
  2. Review and revise content for accuracy and quality, including spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax.
  3. Communicate and work with the P4P team to ensure that content is published in a timely manner.
  4. Ensure correct tone, voice, clarity, flow, and structure of content.

D.   Time-frame

The copy editor will work on a project-by-project basis, with timelines to be agreed upon for each assignment.

E.   Qualifications

The copy editor should meet the following requirements:

  1. Proven work experience as a Copy Editor for international organisations in the field of peacemaking and peacebuilding.
  2. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to work collaboratively with the P4P team.
  3. Highly organized and detail oriented.
  4. Ability to deliver within agreed-upon timelines.

F.   Instructions for Submitting Expressions of Interest

Interested copy editors should submit the following:

  • A portfolio of previous copy-editing work, preferably including work done for international organisations in the field of peacemaking and peacebuilding.
  • A resume or CV outlining relevant experience.
  • An Expression of Interest outlining how your experience makes you a good fit for P4P, accompanied with indicative quotes for work.

Please address the Expression of Interest to Hiba Qasas (Executive Director, Principles for Peace) and send all relevant documents to Please include “P4P Copy Editor” in the subject line.


Expressions of Interests must indicate a rate based on the number of pages or words. Submissions without indicative rates will not be considered.