Geneva Peace Week – Shifting the Paradigm: Power and Responsibility

Interactive workshop to broaden the frame of reference of peace processes

The workshop session at Geneva Peace Week is a key step in the iterative process of developing a new frame of reference as it comes to peace and peace processes. It will bring together a diverse group of actors associated with different levels, responsibilities, mandates, and functions in peace processes to ‘test’ and critically engage with some of the ideas emerging from the extensive consultations, convenings and research that P4P has conducted. The aim of the initiative is to broaden the frame of reference when it comes to peace processes by developing principles that would shift decision-making calculus and serve as a tool to hold peace actors accountable. The principles seek to address several fundamental problems associated with current approaches to peace processes. The specific aim of the workshop at Geneva peace week, is to help refine some of the emerging principles and consider the challenges, barriers and responsibilities of different actors in the practical application of the principles.