Our Approach

There is a window of opportunity to collaboratively bridge the gap between policy and action in order to rethink the processes of building and realizing peace.

Three Objectives
Building Blocks

1. International Commission

The independent International Commission on Inclusive Peace consists of a diverse group of eminent experts and leaders, bringing together policy, practice, on-the-ground experiences and high-level political leadership.


2. Consultations

A series of local, regional and global consultations seek input from a broad range of partners and actors in the peacemaking, peacebuilding, humanitarian and development field. These participatory consultations will ground the Initiative’s work in lived experiences and local realities while laying the foundations for potential longer-term peace action relevant to and seeded in local contexts.

3. Thematic Research

Thematic research and country case studies seek to distill existing knowledge, fill gaps, and inform the work of the Initiative.

4. Engagement

The global outreach, online citizen engagement and country and locally specific campaigns seek to bring in broader public engagement, audience insights and campaigning perspectives to complement the approach of the initiative. This enables the initiative to evaluate how citizens are engaging with and talking about peace-related and adjacent issues in their local contexts to help shape the principles for peace.