How we accompany our constituencies

The Principles for Peace Foundation (P4P) supports conflict prevention and peace processes at different stages of implementation. We do this by accompanying initiatives led by our partners at the country-level (rollouts), as well as by providing thematic support to specific constituencies involved in peacemaking efforts.

P4P has launched the following country-level accompaniment processes, offering comprehensive peace process support. We also provide thematic guidance in the form of practical tools to three main constituencies: mediators, parliamentarians, and security actors.



What accompaniment looks like

Revitalising & consolidating peace

in the Bangsamoro region

The Bangsamoro region in the Philippines has a history of conflict rooted in the marginalisation of the Bangsamoro people. Despite significant strides towards peace with the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB) and the establishment of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM), enduring peace remains elusive. The region faces challenges to peace consolidation and the Principles for Peace Foundation accompanies its national partners in government and civil society (INCITEGov; Initiatives for International Dialogue (IID), and the Gaston Z. Ortigas Peace Institute (GZO Peace Institute) to fortify and revitalise the peace constituency around implementation and consolidation of the peace process in Bangsamoro. These partnerships are crucial for Principles for Peace’s multi-track approach, combining stakeholder engagement and structured periodic reviews for a comprehensive peace process analysis.

The accompaniment process was launched the Philippines in July 2023 with a convening of over 150 stakeholders, including senior government officials, civil society, religious leaders, and peace practitioners. This event reinforced commitments to peace and pluralism and initiated a collaborative process using the Principles for Peace framework. In the Philippines the P4P strategy is used for stakeholder engagement, participatory reviews of the peace process, and informed policymaking. These efforts aim to create a stable, inclusive, and transparent environment conducive to lasting peace.

In January of 2024, almost 200 participants attended the launch of the Participatory Periodic Review for Peace (PPRP) in Manila, setting a milestone in the implementation of the P4P Feedback Loop in the Philippines. During the launch, the different constituencies –from the academic community, civil society organisations, women’s groups, youth, the business sector, indigenous people, religious leaders, etc. – all gathered to share their commitment and voluntarily pledge a list of actionable items that testify to their commitment and ongoing engagement in the implementation of the Bangsamoro peace process.

Supporting the implementation
of the NRF

With the endorsement of the national government of Somalia, P4P has embarked on a process to support the implementation of the National Reconciliation Framework, using the Principles for Peace and its suite of analytical tools as a framework for action. The Principles for Peace were officially launched in Somalia in January of 2024 and together with our partners on the ground, we are engaging in ongoing consultations with diverse country-level stakeholders that entail joint analysis and planning exercises conducted through the lens of the eight Principles for Peace. 

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Support for lasting peace

P4P offers tailored support for effective, legitimate and sustainable peace solutions.
We can accompany your peacemaking initiatives in your context, at the country-level.