Call for Proposal: Principles for Peace Accompaniment

Apr 14, 2023

A.   Background to the Principles for Peace

The Principles for Peace Foundation acts as a catalyst, custodian, and curator of the Principles for Peace and Peacemaking Covenant. It promotes the uptake and implementation of the Principles and serves as a synergist of partnerships to engage a diversity of actors to develop country, constituency, and thematic specific roadmaps and codes of practice. The Foundation’s goal is to empower actors at all levels to create more durable and inclusive peace processes and enhance oversight and effectiveness for long-term peace outcomes.

The Foundation employs a rigorous and transparent monitoring approach to assess peace actors’ contributions, encouraging constructive input to advance peacemaking efforts. It seeks to build upon evidence-based, politically-conscious, and participatory approaches and alliances established in the initiative’s initial phase, fostering global, regional, and local peacebuilding efforts. The Foundation operates independently to ensure consistency and effectiveness in peacemaking efforts, with no direct operational role.

The Foundation is a follow-on mechanism of the work of the Principles for Peace initiative a global participatory initiative that was set up to develop new principles, standards, and norms to fundamentally reshape peace processes and chart a path to lasting peace. The overall aim is to create greater accountability, coherence, and sustainability of peace processes. It brings together a broad coalition of actors across political, diplomatic, academic, defence and security, civil society, and multilateral organisations.

The global, inclusive process of developing the Principles for Peace was led by the International Commission on Inclusive Peace, the P4P Secretariat with a coalition of 120 organisations. The approach anchored the initiative in both realpolitik and real society. The initiative gathered over 100’000 insights from practitioners, policy makers and activists from more than 60 countries. In addition, over 700 pieces of research have been distilled with scholars from across regions to identify the challenges and limitations and shifts in policy and practice.

The findings of the initiative are embodied in the Peacemaking Covenant which outlines eight interlocking and mutually reinforcing principles. The central Principles are enhancing legitimacy and accountable security. The three subsequent principles embed the whole in a practically oriented partnership compact with commitments to promoting pluralism, adopting subsidiarity, and embracing integrated solutions for all actors in the peacemaking space. – The last three – dignity, solidarity, and humility – provide an ethical compass to guide the individual and collective actions and decisions of peacemakers and to build trust.


The Principles for Peace Foundation is collaborating with partner organisations to implement the Principles for Peace and support local and global actors engaged in peacebuilding, peace consolidation, and reconciliation efforts. This involves enabling the development and execution of practical country rollouts based on the Principles that are tailored to the local context and implemented in a systematic and collaborative manner, led by local partners and a reference group. The primary objective is to create country rollouts that are grounded in a shared vision, goals, and objectives, that align with the Principles for Peace, and that respond to the specific needs of each country.

The Principles for Peace Foundation is seeking local partner organizations to lead on a country rollout in the Philippines and regional launches in Southeast Asia. The aim of the assignment is to support ongoing peace consolidation efforts in the Bangsamoro region and to promote a new approach to peacemaking and peacebuilding based on the Principles for Peace.

The Principles for Peace Foundation is looking for local organisations that have a strong commitment to peacebuilding and peacemaking, are involved in ongoing process of peace consolidation, have a broad network of different stakeholders in Bangsamoro and Southeast Asia, and the capacity to support a high-profile launch event. While the exact scope, activities and plans will be co-design with the local partner organisations, the assignment may involve the three activities mention above. The partner organisations will be supported by the Principles for Peace Foundation to implement all activities.

The assignment may encompass the following key activities and deliverables:

  1. Multi-stakeholder consultations/launch of Principles for Peace in the Philippines: Activities around the launch encompass initial discussions on the rollout and how the Principles can contribute to ongoing peace consolidation efforts in Bangsamoro.
  2. Develop and draft of a peace consolidation support plan based on consultations and follow-up conversations/charter with participants and other key actors and identify areas of accompaniment by the Principles for Peace Foundation.
  3. Follow-up activities and plan for long-term accompaniment.
  4. Organise and facilitate engagements with relevant entities of ASEAN and launch a dialogue around Principles for Peace.


The duration of the project will be 22 months, from May 2023 to February 2025.


The budget for this project will be agreed upon between the Principles for Peace Foundation and the local partner organisation.

D.   Qualifications

Candidates (organisations or individuals) with the following qualifications are invited to apply:

  1. Strong Commitment to and Expertise of Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution: Track record of involvement in peacebuilding and conflict resolution, be involved in ongoing peace consolidation in Bangsamoro and have a broad network broad network in Bangsamoro and within Southeast Asia.
  2. Expertise in organising regional workshops and events: Proven track record of successfully organising and implementing events with partners from Southeast Asia including logistics and design and running of workshops.
  3. Report writing: Proven track record of publications and reports.

The consultants will be selected with a commitment to diversity and inclusivity. The Principles for Peace initiative values diversity in all its forms and seeks to ensure that extensions to its team reflect gender, cultural, and geographic diversity. All qualified individuals and organisations are encouraged to apply.

E.   Instructions for Submitting Expressions of Interest

Qualified candidates are invited to send an Expression of Interest, including the CV(s) of those involved, organisational profiles and a one-page outline of approach for the assignment in question.

Please address the Expression of Interest to Hiba Qasas (Executive Director, Principles for Peace) and send all relevant documents to Please include “P4P Accompaniment” in the subject line.

Please submit your expression of interest no later than 11 May 2023.


As per specific Terms of Reference. Please provide a financial proposal for the assignment, detailing a lump sum for each deliverable specified above. Submissions that do not include a financial proposal will not be considered.