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In a world increasingly marred by conflict and division, a new game is afoot. This game isn’t defined by win-lose dynamics but by collective strategy, unity, and transformative change. I introduce to you our organisational strategy: the “Gameplan”. Born from the passion and determination of those who‘ve seen conflict up-close,this plan is a testament to the urgent need for peace – the kind that is not just declared but deeply felt and enduringly built.
At the heart of this strategy is the Principles for Peace (P4P) Foundation, a catalyst of change in the intricate and non-linear web of peacebuilding and peacemaking. We act as the bridge between diplomacy‘s polished floors and the rugged terrains of real societies, between data-rich studies and the decisions that impact communities. Independent yet deeply interconnected, we weave the expertise of over 120 organisations, from grassroots movements to high-level diplomacy, into a potent force for good. The Principles for Peace are our compass – providing a common lexicon, a diagnostic tool, and an accountability measure. By aligning actionable insights with decision-making processes, we create a feedback loop that not only informs but empowers decision-makers to course correct in real-time, ensuringmore effective outcomes.
Our commitment transcends traditional boundaries. We envision a world where peace is a tangible reality, marked by accountable security and legitimate processes. It is about fostering genuine partnerships, moving away from superficial collaborations, and prioritising an ecosystem approach. As a woman hailing from a conflict-torn nation, I deeply believe that for peace to endure, it must echo the voices and aspirations of all, especially those who‘ve been pushed to the peripheries.
The statistics are clear: many peace processes are fragile, with one-third breakingdown in less than five years. The need for a more genuine, inclusive, and transformative approach to peacebuilding is more critical than ever. At this pivotal juncture, P4P‘s „Gameplan“ is not just another strategy but a movement and our north star, guiding us towards a future where peace isn’t just an aspiration, but a lived reality.
As we chart this course, I invite you to join us. Together, let‘s change the game.
With hope and purpose,
Hiba Qasas
Executive Director,
Principles for Peace Foundation