Digital Spaces:Risks and Opportunities for Peace

On 02/11/2022

Digital spaces bring both risks and opportunities to peace. We can see it from Zimbabwe to Venezuela from Ukraine to the US, from Sri Lanka to Syria, and in many other places around the world. The objective of this workshop is to demonstrate the extent to which digital spaces can both contribute to and undermine the peace process. We will build on a research conducted in May 2022, based on a series of interviews and a consultation organized by Principles for Peace, Fondation Hirondelle and ICT4Peace Foundation.

Our workshop will describe hybrid information ecosystems and their role in sustained peace processes. It will underline how public interest news media is essential for democratic decision-making and successful peace processes. We will map digitals risks and highlight how both state and non-state political actors are weaponizing tech platforms which by their very design tend to amplify divisive and antagonistic content. But we will also review how digital tools and spaces can contribute to sustained public peace processes. Finally, we will identify trade-offs and dilemmas, practical strategies for analysing and intervening in digital spaces, and policy recommendations to governments, tech companies and civil society groups.

Join our workshop and engage with our panellists : researchers, tech and media experts from around the world !