Transforming Peace Engagements

The Principles for Peace Foundation (P4P) is a standard-setting organisation, we unite 120+ organisations to promote a unity of vision for peacemaking at global, regional and local levels.

Our mission is to transform peace engagement globally, by promoting shifts in policy and practice to achieve more effective and lasting peace in a way that is locally grounded and internationally guaranteed.  

Our thinking and action are guided by our eight principles for peace, a reference framework designed to create the conditions for lasting positive change, accountable security, and legitimacy, measurable in the well-being and prosperity of societies we serve.

Our vision is a world where peace engagements are both lasting and impactful.

Hiba Qasas, Executive Director


Hiba Quasas


Creating a Common Framework

The peacemaking ecosystem lacks a common framework for action as well as a benchmark for measuring progress. This makes it hard to assess the quality of peace engagements and to systematically compare and track progress.

The principles for peace offer a measurement framework and a feedback mechanism to assess the quality and trajectory of peace engagements. They serve as a comprehensive guide, providing common metrics and adaptable strategies tailored to country and partner specific needs. They function as both a diagnostic and accountability tool, enabling effective assessment, planning, and action across the peace sector.

Creating a Common Framework

By using the principles for peace as a framework, we are redefining the narrative and methodology of peacebuilding, ensuring impactful and strategic progress in the field.


Support for lasting peace

P4P offers tailored support for effective, legitimate and sustainable peace solutions.
We can accompany your peacemaking initiatives in your context, at the country-level.