A framework for action

Measuring peace

The peacemaking ecosystem currently lacks a unified framework for action and a benchmark for measuring progress. This highlights the need for standards similar to the Humanitarian Principles and the Sphere Standards in the humanitarian field and the Universal Periodic Review for human rights.

To fill this gap, we have established a comprehensive Feedback Loop mechanism to measure peace engagements, consisting of:

  • Diagnostic tools
  • Participatory Periodic Reviews for Peace

Created with the support of the German Federal Foreign Office (GFFO), our feedback loop mechanism serves as a country-specific framework for action, accountability, and peace measurement.

It enables our partners to demonstrate the effectiveness of their peace engagements and course-correct in real time based on evidence and perceptions, clearly demonstrating the impact of their policies and the return on their investments in peace.


The Feedback Loop

tier 1

Tier 1 tracks country-level trends in peace, conflict, and socioeconomic dynamics through the eight Principles for Peace to generate meaningful analytical insights that can be translated into actionable guidance for policymakers and practitioners.

tier 2

Tier 2 reviews peace processes and the quality of peace engagements by engaging a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including those typically marginalised in formal peace processes.

Utilising the Principles as a tool/lens, the PPRP focuses on enhancing the perceived legitimacy of peace engagements, fostering inclusive gatherings, and developing shared progress metrics. It employs an ecosystem approach for coherence among various actors and serves as an accountability mechanism for national and international entities.

tier 3

Tier 3 tracks specific and concrete steps, considerations, or measures that stakeholders can take to address priority issues. These actionable items are intended to “course correct” the trajectory of the peace process towards its objectives. Closing the feedback loop is essential for the effectiveness and sustainability of peace processes.

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tracking trends and progress

The Participatory Periodic

Review for Peace (PPRP)

level 1

This level focuses on macro-level trends in peace, conflict, and socioeconomic dynamics within a country. Utilising existing data, it examines these trends through the lens of the Principles for Peace, capturing the national-level evolution of the peace process.

level 2

This meso-level focuses on identifying peace actors within a country and assessing the range and quality of their actions promoting peace. This assessment involves self-reflection among peace actors and direct engagements with them, using the Principles as a guide.

level 3

Crucial to the process, this level gathers feedback from various societal stakeholders to evaluate the effectiveness of peace engagements. This feedback informs discussions among peace actors, enhancing the impact and effectiveness of their actions.

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