Our Stakeholder Platform

The Principles for Peace Foundation thrives on a dynamic approach to partnerships and networking, uniting over 120 organisations across various fields including diplomacy, development, politics, and security. Our global platform, unique in linking high-level diplomacy with grassroots movements, combines academic research with practical field experience.

Central to our peacemaking efforts is the Stakeholder Platform. This Platform, features a diverse array of participants who play a crucial role in guiding our strategies, approaches, and work. It ensures a wide range of perspectives are heard, shaping the Foundation’s direction and impact in fostering collaborative peace efforts.

Who is involved in the Stakeholder Platform?

Local and international organisations.

Local and international networks and alliances


Academic entities

Donor representatives

Youth groups

Women’s groups

Private sector entities

United Nations entities and representatives


Support for lasting peace

P4P offers tailored support for effective, legitimate and sustainable peace solutions.
We can accompany your peacemaking initiatives in your context, at the country-level.